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From the drift prairie of North Dakota, to Utah’s high mountain terrain; to the plains of Oklahoma, the Piney Woods and Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana; and to Appalachian Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia — OMNI comprises a unique melting pot of geographies, environments, cultures and heritages.

We embrace and respect our different perspectives and experiences, recognizing that our diversity unites us and make us better.

OMNI recognizes that as a company, our growth and development is contingent on the hardworking employees who invest their skill, talent and determination to make us an employer and service provider of choice.

We wholeheartedly devote ourselves to continuous improvement of our human initiatives — holding fast to our RISE values of respect, integrity, safety and excellence.

Charting the right course to Environmental Responsibility



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Our forward-looking leadership team brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to every job we do.