Senior leadership articulates the making and shaping
of OMNI’s cultural guiding principles

CARENCRO, La. – June 8, 2020 – OMNI Environmental Solution’s senior leadership provided a detailed account of the formation and justification of the company’s core values (respect, integrity, safety and excellence) in a statement to employees called, “Why respect?”.

“Respect is the cornerstone of our OMNI RISE values,” OMNI CEO Courtney Brackin said. “We issued this statement to help employees understand the heart of the company they bring their time and talent to each day, and the heart of our leadership team.”

It starts with respect

Work in the energy industry is inherently dangerous. In shaping OMNI’s values, senior leaders strongly considered safety as the cornerstone operational and cultural value that would guide every action and decision for the company and every OMNI employee. But the senior leaders came to recognize that safety and all other values had to revolve around respect.

“The team realized that before groups of workers from different walks of life could be called upon to work safely together they had to first be called upon to respect each other — and that respect had to start at the top of the organization and permeate throughout,” the statement says. “Only when I respect you will I deal with you with integrity, will I be concerned about your safety, will I do my best work …,”.

The statement goes on to express the senior leaders’ commitment to fostering a respectful, diverse, inclusive “melting pot”.

“As a diverse, inclusive organization, OMNI embraces and respects the differences that unite us into a better OMNI. OMNI champions our melting pot of flavors that make us a more innovative, resourceful, solutions-driven place to work.”

“Sometimes, at different levels, the RISE culture is carried out imperfectly, but the senior leaders are committed to the belief that: grounded in RESPECT and established in INTEGRITY, OMNI will be a SAFE place for all employees. And that is how, as individuals and as a company, we all achieve EXCELLENCE.”

Employees can read the complete “Why respect?” statement on OMNI Now. In addition, a printed copy of the statement is being mailed to employees’ homes.


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