Offshore employees demonstrate resilience in Ida recovery

CARENCRO, La. – October 8, 2021 – Days after Hurricane Ida slammed into Port Fourchon, employees from OMNI’s Trussco and CHI groups were back to work, even while tending to personal losses, and without electricity, water, gas or mobile phone connectivity.

“I commend our Fourchon staff for their dedication to RISE to this occasion,” OMNI CEO Courtney Brackin said, referencing the RISE acronym OMNI uses to define its core values of respect, integrity, safety and excellence.

“We had workers on the ground, assessing the damage and beginning the clean-up,” Brackin continued. “We had evacuated employees working the phones and getting us business. Some workers had roof damage and water in their homes — they found ways to get month-end closing requirements completed without missing a beat.”

At Truscco and CHI’s Carencro, Louisiana, yard (150 miles west of Port Fourchon), employees loaded and transported a trailer full of supplies to the hard-hit area, including a generator and fuel. While Port Fourchon was shut-in, environmental cleaning crews operated out of Port Arthur, Texas, and Abbeville and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Two weeks after the storm, the offshore group’s Port Fourchon bunkhouse, constructed to stringent Category 5 building standards, was up and operating on generator power with purchased water, pumped in for laundry and bathing. Ongoing yard clean-up and debris removal has continued into October as infrastructure in the area is slowly restored.

“Our corporate IT team configured a network solution that is running off of a mobile provider’s towers,” Brackin said. “It is gratifying to see how we rallied together to help each other, to help the community at large, and keep our operations running.”


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